House Rules: Space Travel

Source For Travel Times: Seventh Legion Wiki

Travel Times

In general:

  • Using trade routes/hyperspace lanes cut travel times considerably (half)
  • Uncharted routes require astrogation rolls (even if an astromech is performing it) and travel time is doubled
  • Astrogation rolls can affect travel time
  • Charted routes don't need to be rolled, but can be if you want to make an attempt at shortening the route
  • Travel within a region requires an unchartered astrogation check
  • Rolls

    • Travel within a hyperspace lane: Average
    • Travel within a region: Hard
    • Travel from one region to another increases the difficulty once per region
    • Time to calculate:

      • In general it takes about 10 minutes pre region to calculate astrogation
      • To reduce the time in half upgrades the difficulty 1x
      • To reduce the time in 1/4 upgrades the difficulty 2x
      • An emergency calculation is Hard & upgraded 2x

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House Rules: Space Travel

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