Outer Rim Mavericks - Star Wars

Dark Deals

So much power…

I don’t know how to explain what happened the other night. I went to force that guard to take the Glytteral so that he would not be able to report us to Jabba, but like most of the arrogant idiots we bring on the ship, he didn’t understand just how much pain I can inflict.

But this time was different… I was able to force him without using a blade. I just… willed it… and it happened.

This is the power that Asher spoke about … It is what we need to defeat our enemies! I must learn to harness this power.

Suddenly Asher’s voice came through the hull of the ship, “Vence!”

I looked around to see if Keth noticed it, but he was passed out on his bunk. “Yes Master?” 

“I felt a presence in the Force. It seems that you have learned about the power we spoke of?” came the voice again.

Hmm… He is more powerful than I originally though. This must be another aspect I have yet to learn.

“Yes… But I still have not found the Devil’s Blue Eye. I apologize that I have not been able to contact you. Things have been… complicated. We have been enslaved by Kaltho the Hutt.”

 “That is not a problem. Ask Kaltho about the amulet, he will give you a starting point.”

He wants me to work with the slug? He must not know what he did to me.

“Master, can we trust a Hutt lord who mistreats those who should be his most powerful allies?

 “Trust me, Vence. Trust me. I am a master seeking an apprentice. You are a worthy candidate but without the amulet, you are not ready. Contact me when you have it.” And with that the voice was gone.

Later that morning we all gathered to go over this train heist. Keth seemed distant. I will have to check on him later. So far the plan seemed good except a couple things: We are not equipped for a good heist. I brought this up and asked for some of the funds to buy armor. I had heard of some technology that will render the wearer even more invisible than the last armor I had.

Almost on cue, Xan and Gatts had objections. I am pretty sure that Xan told me that I was foolish for not selling what we took from that rare weapons dealer for funds.

Are they that stupid? Do they not remember all the times my sword saved them? All the times they sent me in to scout ahead? I seem to remember a time when Xan lay bleeding at the feet of a Jedi and it was MY gear that saved his sorry hide. Maybe next time I will let him bleed a little longer… or maybe the Findsmen would love to give him their special treatment. How would the vain Falleen enjoy eating his own flesh? When I learn to use this power, they will not be able to stop me anymore.

Fine… I will let them maintain their control over the money… for now. I told them that I will get my gear without their help. Where is Vreth? I need to set up a meeting with the “Almighty Kaltho”

I will see just how “almighty” he is…

I ended up meeting with Kaltho and he was more resourceful than I thought. He knew of Asher and even told me that the Devil’s Blue Eye was here on Nar Shadda, in the clutches of some Hutt Prefect. He even gave me a way in as long as I steal some data pads for him on the side.  Now I just need to convince the group to wait for a couple hours…

Well that could have gone better! The group saw through the lies I told them.

I will have to get better at this if I want to learn the power.

They did agree to wait but I had to choose to take one of them with me. I chose Tafo because out of anyone here who can work a computer he is the most logical. And I think I can hide the amulet from him.

The mission ended up being a success…. Well … with the exception of some close calls with Tafo trying to climb the walls. You would think that for as bird like as his species is, they would be able to fall a little more gracefully… I did actually feel bad about that one.

With Tafo’s help I was able to get in undetected because he was able to wipe the footage. I got the amulet and the data pads. Kaltho even gave me the money I needed for more gear. Repayment would come later he said.

Careful Kaltho. If you play your cards right and I will be come your greatest asset, or I will be the blade that strikes you down…


ONE DAY WE WILL LEARN TO NAVIGATE THIS GALAXY WITHOUT INCIDENT! Just once I would love to arrive at our destination without a problem.

 Just another moment that Xan will forget about how I saved the group from destruction…

We arrived at Ruusan with plenty of time to buy gear. I found the armor I need and it is pretty. We also stocked up on the stuff we would need for the heist as well as a speeder and a driver who will be able to drive fast enough for us to board a moving train. We have to get a board the train, memory wipe some official, replace some data cylinders with empty ones so none are the wiser, and finally, my favorite, execute some guards and take their place.

May the Force be with us

… hmm… why does Keth keep giving me that look?



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