Outer Rim Mavericks - Star Wars

Breaking the coup

The 'spice' of life

Harvesting glyterryl is a dirty job, but luckily it's now over.  We found the weak spot in this ring of thieves and we exploited it.  I actually admire the slaves for being resourceful in their current situation, but they were too trusting.  What was difficult for them was a simple executed plan for our crew.

We harvested 1 and a 1/4 extra portions for Tafo to use as bait.  It only partially worked.  I guess getting beat up by Jalek will have a lesson attached to it.  Efficiency is key to survival.  Talk about inefficient, Xan talked his way into trouble again and nearly blew the whole plan for us.  Luckily he has the Force as an ally, even though he uses it in a most strange way.  If he can better learn about what he carries he will be powerful.  Until then, he remains a mystery.  

Vence and I took care of our end of the deal.  What Vence had in stealth, I made up for in being resourceful.  We didn't have to agree to bring back proof the job was done; we just knew it was necessary.  

Vreth is as good of an ally as we could want in our current position.  This guy is blunt, resourceful, and could handle himself in a fight if needed.  He also knows how to play the game with the Hutts, which are lessons we have had to learn the hard way on this journey.  Anyway, he held up his end of the deal by docking with the ship so we could head out of the colony with 3 crates of spice in tow.  Grabbing Jalek on the way out was a nice bonus…Jabba will like the chance at a personal response to him.  

On the way to Tatooine, I had a most disturbing sense.  I've sensed some raw energy brewing in Vence for some time, but I didn't know where it would come out.  Jalek was the recipient, but it felt like I was in the room with them.  Dark, menacing and urgent.  Vence has been my greatest ally among the crew.  He bears Gand-sized scars that I could have easily bore myself.  His overwatch breeds even greater confidence during battle.  However, this raw power is something that will change the game.  Maybe for our good, maybe not.  If I know Vence, he will partner his power with control and purpose.  It may be key to our payback on the Empire.  But it is all so new and strange to me.  I will keep this to myself and contemplate the coming events.

Upon arrival, Jabba was pleased and gave us the opportunity to facilitate a regime change at the spice colony.  We gladly obliged.  Galynx killed without principle or purpose.  That made it an easy decision.  Some Hutt gold in our pockets helped too.

Gatts proved himself resourceful once again and got a really good price on the goods with his Black Suns contacts.  A finder's fee to the Suns and a well-deserved bonus to Vreth and the girls means everyone is happy.  Of course, we kept a crate of spice for the 'boss'.  Kaltho is a leverage point that must be managed well.  His favor will translate into advantage for us.

The next mission: a train heist.  This at least sounds closer to our skill level.  The payout is closer to our skill level as well.  A couple more jobs like this, and Kaltho may outlast his usefulness.  Or, we play the game a bit longer until the clear advantage manifests itself.  Either way, our resolve is steeled.  

-Keth Ordana-




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