Outer Rim Mavericks - Star Wars

Sizing Up Sazet

Dear Diary…

Today we embarked on what I thought was going to be just another average job for our team; Boy was I wrong! We had to board a moving train, pose as guards, memory wipe an official, and replace some data cylinders with empty ones so no one was the wiser. Sounded pretty simple to me, but man we barely survived just getting to the right train car.

I’m sure he had a good reason, but I’m not sure why Gatts had us board in the middle of the train when it seems like we could have just boarded the train car where we had to enter. Whatever the reason, I’m confident it was a good one. We had a really tough time getting to car 8 though. We ran into some guards, some birds, and a few overpasses. I fell off the train twice! Tafo was able to grab me once but the other time was crazy! Gatts grabbed me but I then pulled him off the train and Vence grabbed Gatts saving us both!! For as weird and dark as Vence seems, he sure seems to be in the right place at the right time. It’s tough for me to show him how grateful I am for what he does for me and the team cause he just has this, “I’m the most important guy on the team” vibe. He was totally caught lying to us and it just seemed to be no big deal. Something isn’t right with him but he does get results.

            When we finally made it to car 8 we were all exhausted and pretty beat up. Tafo dropped down and picked the lock of the door the rest of us stayed up top. Keth, without looking into the car, opens the door on the roof and drops down in, so I follow suit. Stupid! I should of looked!! There were six guys in there! SIX! Keth quickly took down 2 and I was able to tell the one guy to drop his weapon and kneel. It’s crazy this power I have just talking to people. Vence, Tafo, and Gatts all helped take down the remaining guards. But something strange happened, Keth got hit pretty hard in the face and was temporarily blinded. While he was blinded he took down the last guard. What? How could he do that not being able to see? Does he have the kind of power I do just uses it in combat? Sure seems like it. I’d like to talk about it with him but it’s clear he doesn’t trust me. Not sure how well it would go over if I acknowledged that I believe I have power. It’s probably better that it’s just left unsaid.

So after they killed all of the guards there was still the one left that I told to kneel. Knowing how the group is, I told the guy to give me his armor and jump off the train, thinking that this would give him a chance of survival, but the group responded as if I executed him. I don’t get it.

As we were healing ourselves and searching the bodies for anything helpful (found a couple of key cards) the door to train car 9 opens up and a few people come through opening fire on us. It’s clear they were not guards but looked like another crew, not sure what they were doing though, because instead of us being able to ask any questions they killed themselves when it was clear they were going to lose the battle. (All except one who was knocked unconscious) Everyone got a piece of the action this time except Tafo, he was temporarily blinded like Keth was last battle. I told a couple of them to disarm and kneel and they did it. But when I tried on this other guy I failed twice, which he was then able to land a couple of heavy hits on me. I have really got to figure this power out.

Again, we heal up and then put on the guard’s armor, trade out the canisters, and prepare to move to car 2. Vence stayed behind to question the one unconscious guy. As we were progressing through the train cars we encountered a guard. Gatts opened fire and killed him. Not sure why he thought it was necessary since we all look like guards because we put the armor on for that very reason. Gatts confuses me sometimes. But again, I’m sure he had a good reason and there was just something I didn’t see.

When we arrived at the door of train car 2 we could hear blaring music coming through the door. Tafo and Gatts worked together to get the door opened and so we all entered but Keth who stayed in car 3 to watch our backs.

I quickly realized the official that we needed to coerce to help us and then wipe the memory of was Varan, my brother. Not good. I was quite excited at first to see him but his greeting was anything but warm telling me I was dead to him. It was quite troubling and confusing. He blamed me for his imprisonment and told us to leave and revealed he was carrying a lightsaber. As I stood there in shock, he told Gatts to attack his friend which he then turned towards me and started giving me those crazy eyes of his.

Understanding Varan was using the same power I have, I told Gatts not to attack us/me which exhausted him, he then dropped to the floor and of course that’s when Keth walks through the door, sees MY brother and then looks at Gatts on the floor and grabs me and puts me in a choke hold. I was glad that Tafo and V-YDO5 quickly told him I didn’t need to be choked out. (Vence joined us and got brought up to speed by V-YDO5)

Seeing how physical Keth got, Varan told him to attack his friends, I again, tried to use the same power to tell Keth not to hurt his friends. I think I was successful because once I told him not to, he turned and hit me. What seemed to be simultaneous was Tafo shooting the lightsaber off of Varan’s hip, destroying it and Keth dropping me like a wet rag. As I was lying there bleeding out, feeling like I only had a breath or two left Tafo knelt down next to me and started applying pressure to my wound and I don’t quite know how, but he saved my life. As I was lying there half conscious, I vaguely saw Varan fall to the floor, lifeless. It looked as if Gatts killed my brother.


My brother was the sole reason I am out here in space with this group. The pursuit of my brother has cost me my place in the senate, my home on Coruscant, and today, almost my life. Was he brain washed? He seemed to be what one might call a dark jedi, using his abilities for evil, for himself. What would that make us then? We use what we have for ourselves and our own agenda. How are we any different from Varan? Or Tarkin?? Or the Empire??? I have a lot of questions now, but one thing I do know, I have to learn to harness this power I have and do it quickly.



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