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Quiet Riot

All that glitteryll is gold

Dearest Lenya,

I’m not certain you’ll ever receive these logs. I’m trying not to give up hope. However, you should know that the worst has happened and I’ve been enslaved, along with the crew I’ve told you about, by Caltho the Hut. I don’t know when, if ever, I’ll be free again. But, I have faith in my crewmates and the Force that aides all of them. Who can say when we’ll have a chance to make our move, but I sense it will be soon and we will either be free of Caltho forever or you and I will meet next in the netherworld of the Force.

My current situation is far worse. My crew and I have been sent to a slave, glitteryll mining operation on Ryloth that is run by Jabba the Hut. Our presence as mining slaves is only a ruse to uncover a plot to insight a slave riot. However, the physical suppressant (“decontaminant” they call it) we were injected with was clearly not part of the shirade. I feel as though all my strength and my senses are sapped, like a lethargy that won’t go away. Our only lifeline is a transponder that was implanted into V-YD05 by our Caltho handler, Vreth.

The perils of glitteryll mining is also very real. Slaves that don’t meet quota are forced to fist fight each other to the death and of course there are the spiders to contend with as well. On my first mission, I was installed as a glower – gunner on a speeder piloted by Gatts to lead the glitteryll spiders from their webs while the rest of the team harvested three doses of spice each. I was injured twice by the spiders as we herded them away from the team. Gatts remained unharmed in the venture. The rest of the team struggled to meet quota at first, but Xan managed over 5 doses which he shared with the rest of the team.

Five hours later we were back at it. This time with V-YD05 piloting and Gatts manning the gun turret. I helped the team to harvest. It’s tough work in the dark, but I managed more than three doses as did Vence. Our entire team made it back to the mining camp, over quota. Few teams survive even this many spice trips intact.

We’ve done far more than most could expect given the circumstances. We learned that the planned slave riot is really cover for a glitteryl heist. One of the guards, Jalec, has been skimming from the extra doses and is planning on moving the shipment soon. I’ve been enlisted by Jalec to help him move the spice when his ship arrives. Many of my crewmates have been approached to aid a separate plot by two of Jalec’s slave cohorts. The slaves plan on creating a riot and double crossing Jalec by making off with the glitteryll in the confusion.

We have our own plans to assassinate the thieving slaves and kidnap the guard Jalec; making off with the extra glitteryl too. It will take some cunning on my part to get Jalec to unlock his storage hangar and some dirty work from my crew mates to dispose of the slaves, but we’ve done harder things than these over the last several months.

I hope you don’t think ill of me in scheming in this way. The guard and the slaves – they aren’t family like you and I. They aren’t like the members of my crew. They are outsiders and you’ve been taught from youth as have I, that outsiders are not to be pitied by misfortune. Besides, I’m haunted by the possibility that my slavery to Caltho might mean failure in my mission and that failure might doom you and our beloved child to this very sort of slavery. I wouldn’t put it past the Ryn to go to such lengths.

Stay safe and hidden by the Force until I return.

All my love,



So well done!!

Quiet Riot

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