Welcome to our home page for our Star Wars Edge of Empire campaign. 

Let me introduce you to a small group of individuals who are unnamed themselves, but have been coined as "The Outer Rim Mavericks." Not that anyone has called them this to their face, but there are rumors that this is a title they earned by flying by the seat of their pants while they wre on the planet Chloganna.

There isn't too much in this universe that could bring a group of outcasts together and actually have them make something out it. From the outside looking in, they are hard to understand. With very little guiding their moral compass, it is difficult to understand what makes these guys get out of the bed in the morning. Is it greed, power or revenge? Those who oppose them, if they survive, will most likely not care what motivated the "Outer Rim Mavericks" as some have called them… they will just be glad they survived.

"Family," well, that is at least what they would tell each other. Somehow this band of less than scrupulous characters have found a bond that outlasts their arrogance, foolishness and bravery. How long will this bond keep them together? Time will tell. 

Outer Rim Mavericks - Star Wars

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