"That's a nice head..."


Species: Arkanian Offshoot
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Height 1.6 Meters
Build: Toned
Hair: White
Eyes: WHite / Red
Career: Bounty Hunter, Hired Gun
Specialties: Assassin, Enforcer


Being an Arkanian Offshoot, Vence was genetically engineered to be a prized slave. What they could not anticipate was his aggresive nature. Santris Tarsis, a rich Imperial, living in the Ryloth system, bought Vence at a young age, and used the young Arkanian as a punching bag. Vence quickly found the armory and grabbing a sword, struck down Santris Tarsis. With no witnesses, Vence feld to the planet of Ryloth and grew up on the street, fighting to stay alive.

Years later, Jabba the Hutt’s thugs captured Vence and brought him before the Hutt lord, who informed him that he knew that Vence murdered Santris Tarsis. In return for not turning over the young Arkanian to the Imperials, he had use for an assassin. Vence traded one life of slavery for another.

While out on a mission dealing with corrupt slavers, Vence was captured and found by Keth, Hosk, and Greggo. He then left with them and started a new life… until the Gand found him.

On the city planet of Coruscant, the group got into a fight with the Findsmen, an elite group of Gand warriors, during which, Vence almost died. In a bargin to save the rest of the party, Vence traded his life for theirs.

The Gands took him back to their homeworld and brought him through extreme torture, which broke Vence deep into his core. Annatta, through his information network, tracked Vence down and bought his freedom from the Findsmen.

Vence, now free has vowed to find and kill the remaining members of the Findsman


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