Tafo (Toucan Tafo) Shandor

Ryn, Adventurer


Age: 32
Height: 1.8M
Blue with brown hair
Eyes: Amber

Huge tail and beak like nose, speaks basic and Ryn, Superstitious, can play music through nose and speak to astromech driods. Diligent cleanliness. Know for epic partying on Bespin.

His race is primarily located on core worlds, but live as a sort of gypsy race, roaming the galazy and looking for his homeworld.


Tafo Shandor was a member of the Order of the Gatherers, a secret organization within the Ryn for members of the species that are force sensitive. It’s common for those in the order to have highly developed force seek powers, which are honed for the purpose of finding and locating the lost Ryn homeworld. The order believes that ancient sith holocrons hold the clue to the Ryn’s past and true origins. Tafo irreparably damaged a crucial, recovered sith holocron by trying to repair and piece together damaged sections of the holocron. As a result, the Order of Gatherers is looking for enslave Tafo’s and his family in retaliation. Tafo hopes to redeem himself and family by locating lost holocrons that might progress the Order’s efforts to locate the Ryn homeworld and regain his place within the order.

Tafo (Toucan Tafo) Shandor

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