Keth Ordona

"Should I use a grenade?"


Species: Zygerrian
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Height 1.5 Meters
Build: Thick
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Yellow
Career: Hired Gun
Specialties: Marauder/ Shii-Cho Knight: Force Sense


Keth is a natural fighter, born with profound strength a desire to conquer. Too bad he was born into one of the lowest clans, and has been working for years in the service of the Zygerrian Slavers Guild. His skills have proven useful though, and as a Slave Leader he has been well trained by the Noble class in leadership and combat. He is even pretty handy behind the controls of a starship, due to his job transporting slaves between Outer Rim planets. He lives in the tension between being one of the highest ranked in his clan, but seeing all of the true wealth and power held by the Noble class and the Empire.

Speaking of the Empire, their control of the Slavers Guild has gotten too close to home for Keth. They found his skills valuable enough to leverage, and as a result he has been on more than one secret mission to cause the ‘disappearance’ of officials standing in the way of the Empire’s slave market. The Empire even offered a little skim off the top of the slave trading business to line Keth’s pockets. Too bad they also use that as blackmail to keep him doing their bidding. A Zygerrian can only take so much.

Keth sees himself as a pawn that the Empire moves around at will, and there’s no breaking out of his class identity. So his taste for the wealth and power of the Empire makes his next decision easy. He steals a Zygerrian cargo ship set for a neighboring Outer Rim planet, knowing that once they find out it’s gone, they will remotely shut down the fuel lines and break off his escape. His plans work pretty well though, and by the time the ship comes to a crashing halt, he finds himself in a strange new place…with a new start.

Keth Ordona

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